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2019.12.17 How to write paper

To do List for this week

I am writing the paper based on skeleton paper which I wrote few weeks ago. Today I organized the sequence of paper.


Our society is increasingly connected through technological developments such as smartphones, and we are also experiencing the same change on school campus.

-> various service -> But it is difficult to make service because of timing and sharing problem. -> serendipity -> making service -> Through analyzing network and understanding context, I will make potential service in smart campus.

2. Related work

2.1. Location-based Social Network

2.2. Application of Network building

2.3. Practical Use Service

3. Methodology

 3.1. Data acquisition

 3.2. Network Analysis (community detection and role of hub)

 3.3. Context of user and building

 3.4. Service platform

4. Implementation

 4.1. Building Network Analysis

 4.2. Hub-Centered Community

 4.3. Service platform in Smart Campus

5. Conclusion

 (experimental results and verification)  

6. Discussion



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