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2019.07.03_How to store my GNSS log files locally in my smartphone.

Raw GNSS Measurements

I used the ‘GNSS Logger’ application to use the GPS sensor in my smartphone. GNSS Logger app is made by Google. And I used the Galaxy A7 model, and the application was downloaded from the google developer site.

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Log File

The log file is stored on the SD card inside the smartphone, and only the one I chose can be shared with the computer. And no data is shared in Google, but only stored in smartphones. (There is Desktop Analysis App for analyze the data. And all data is saved locally on the computer)

The log files stored in the smartphone can be transmitted in various forms. It is possible to analyze data through text file and csv file.

The following figure shows the log file saved as a text file to the computer. The log file is saved every second, and you can select and share only the data you want to send. This data can be used to visualize data on a computer.

It shows the saved text log file to the computer and execute the program. When you insert a log file into a program, it automatically analyzes the data in the log file. It should be output as a graph, but now there is still a problem with the file or program. This seems to require some troubleshooting.

Open Source

This application is built in Matlab and is open source on github. So, if necessary, open source can be modified and used.


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